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Copper River Salmon Season

Copper River Salmon Season starts now!

Copper River Salmon are among the most highly prized fish in the world! They're available now in our Seafood Department

Copper River Salmon can stand up to nearly any cooking technique because of their strong muscles. But, the best way to enjoy its rich flavor (before you get too fancy) in our opinion is simply with some butter, salt and pepper, lemon and a few herbs.

Join us Thursdays for Fresh Mozzarella

Makin' Mozz with Irene

Fresh mozzarella is truly a treat. Soft, light and milky and melts like a dream!! Excellent paired with a simple olive oil and splash of balsamic vinegar, on a pizza with basil and marinara, or simply torn off the ball and munched on as a snack. It is an excellent lean source of calcium and Vitamin D. View the video on our Deli Page.

FResh Spring Washington Asparagus

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