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Featured Cheeses - Jenni's Picks

    Jenni has been our assistant cheese monger for several years and this month's featured cheeses are a few of her favorites. When she isn't working, she enjoys hiking and camping in her treasured VW Westfalia, "Little Magic" (pictured).


Gruyere is an alpine cheese made from whole cow's milk that is aged in caves for a minimum of six months. Gruyere is a great all around cheese in that it is lovely on a cheese platter, but is also an excellent melting cheese. The flavor is nutty and earthy with caramel notes.

  • Wine / Beer Pairing

    Pair gruyere with brown or amber ales, Champagne, Pinot Noir, or a Highland Scotch.

  • Accompaniments

    The complex and savory flavors of gruyere are best balanced with fresh fruit like apples and pears, roasted pecans, mustard and crusty bread.

Gruyere Pairings West Seattle Thriftway

Delice de Bourgogone

Delice de Bourgogne is a real charmer when it comes to cheese. This is a mild, triple cream cow's milk cheese that is aged around three weeks. When ready to eat, this cheese has a lucious and creamy center with a thin, edible white bloomy rind that impart aromas of mushrooms. This cheese is best served on a cheeseboard to fully appreciate its beautiful silky texture.

  • Wine / Beer Pairing

    Pair Delice with light lagers, any sparkling wines or Champagne, and vodka.

  • Accompaniments

    Serve Delice with crusty bread or crackers. If you're feeling adventurous, try a sweet and spicy preserve.

Delice de Bourgogne triple cream brie

Pareggio Gouda

Suprisingly creamy, rich, and nutty flavor. This unique cheese is a cross between a Parmigiano-Reggiano and a creamy gouda. Pareggio is made with the richest milk from cow's raised on Holland's nutrient rich grasslands and it meticulously aged to have lucious sweet and savory crystals. It sreds, slices, grates, and melts.

  • Wine / Beer Pairing

    Excellent with red ales, malted ales, and pinot noir.

  • Accompaniments

    Serve with dried fruit like cherries or apricots, slice for sandwiches, or grate over pizza and pasta.

pareggio gouda at west seattle thriftway