Our band of butchers specialize in selecting, cutting, and wrapping the freshest meats and seafood for you to serve to your friends and family. With a hefty focus on supporting our local farmers and producers, we source many varieties of local proteins like Painted Hills Natural Beef, Ocean Beauty Seafood, and many local shellfish operations from the Hood Canal.

You will never find ground beef from a tube here. Every day the butchers make our ground beef from larger cuts and trim that we grind in house. Same goes for our ground pork. Not only do we grind our beef ourselves, but we also make many options for those looking to get dinner on the table quickly in a diverse section of grab and go meal solutions!

About our Beef

The Painted Hills Beef Company is in Wheeler County, Oregon. Wheeler County is a close-knit community of Ranchers who began Painted Hills Inc. to gain control over the quality and production of their cattle, which before were becoming lost in the mix of livestock of lower quality from all over the United States.

  • Their cattle are raised with the same care their predecessors have done for generations - humanely and with respect to the animal and the land.

  • Ranchers live where they raise their cows and each of their cattle are born, raised and processed in the Pacific Northwest.

  • No added hormones or antibiotics are used and if antibiotics are needed, the animal is treated and then sold on the general market. In addition, no animal by-products are used in cattle feed - they are "grain-finished" with a 100% vegetarian diet consisting mainly of barley, corn and alfalfa hay.

Painted Hills USDA Natural Beef

Ocean Beauty Seafood

Ocean Beauty Seafoods began in 1910 as a small seafood shop known as the Washington Fish & Oyster Company located on Pier 54 in downtown Seattle. Over a century later, they have grown to become one of the largest and most successful seafood companies in North America.

  • Sustainability is at the heart of their mission. This commitment ensures the products they produce can be certified as sustainable by international eco-certification programs and help us support their customers’ sustainability goals.

  • All Ocean Beauty Seafoods facilities are audited annually for safety, because producing food that is safe and wholesome is the most important thing they do.

  • Through their sister company, OBI Seafoods, Ocean Beauty has direct access to the top-quality Alaska seafood. They also source products from the East Coast and around the world to offer a wide array of customer favorites.

Ocean Beaty Seafood, Fresh, sustainable seafood Company

Smart Chicken

Tecumseh Poultry (owner of Smart Chicken) was founded in 1998, based on a simple goal to produce the best fresh chicken in the United States.

  • They firmly believe that the quality of their end product—the taste—is affected by every aspect of how the chickens are raised, fed, and handled, starting in the egg.

  • The chickens are free to roam within a temperature-controlled facility and in pasture areas. Have always readily available all vegetarian feed and water and are raised without the use of antibiotics. The bedding is a natural litter, continuously reconditioned and maintained so that it remains dry and clean.

  • All the chickens are caught by hand by trained catch crews, both to eliminate stress and injury to the birds and are processed humanely.

Smart Chicken