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OXO Good Grips

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of cooking dinner and you don't have all the utensils you need or something breaks. Every task needs the correct tools to get the job done, and cooking is no different. Skip the trip to Target or the mall and visit our housewares section.

OXO Good Grips at West Seattle Thritway

Papyrus Products & Gift Ideas

Papyrus Gift Cards and Wrapping

  • There is nothing like getting a card in the mail from friends or family and they are a lovely way to extend thanks. Papyrus products are of the highest quality and our unique selection will provide something for everyone.

Michel Design Works

  • Michel Design Works is a product line which makes affordable yet luxurious soaps, home decor,  and home goods items.

Gift Ideas at West Seattle Thriftway, Papyrus Cards, Michel Design Works

Cookbooks, Home Decor and More!

  • There is a cookbook for every taste in our Housewares section whether you are a butcher, a baker, or candlestick maker!

  • Last minute dinner party? No Problem, we have you covered with assorted table settings, linen, and candles.

  • We also have fun stuff for the child at heart and things you didn't know you needed. Stop in for a visit today!