Gluten-Free Beer


Handcrafted beers made from barley, hops, water and yeast, brewed using a unique process to remove gluten. Each batch of Omission is tested for gluten content both in-house and by an independent lab using the R5 Competitive ELISA. To date, every batch has been reduced to levels below 20ppm. View your bottle’s test results using the date code stamped on the back of every bottle of Omission.

Red Bridge

Redbridge beer doesn’t need to make promises to stand out from the crowd; its very essence sets it apart. Redbridge is made without wheat or barley, so the approximately 3.2 million consumers who are unable to drink beer made with barley due to Celiac Disease or because they follow a wheat-free or gluten-free diet can once again enjoy a great tasting beer. Redbridge is a rich, full-bodied lager brewed from sorghum for a well-balanced, moderately hopped taste.

New Grist

New Grist was the first beer to be certified gluten-free by the US Government. They envision a world where everyone can enjoy a satisfying beer, even if you are allergic to gluten, without compromising taste or quality. They test each batch we brew for gluten content before it is bottled and shipped. We take pride in our brewing process and the quality of the finished product, and it shows.

Ghostfish Brewing

At Ghostfish Brewing Company, they are reinventing beer from the ground up. It starts with the use of unusual malted grains: millet, buckwheat, and brown rice. All produced in small batches in dedicated gluten-free facilities. From there, they apply the true northwest craft spirit, using choice Yakima Valley Hops and other local ingredients to create our diverse portfolio of boundary-pushing craft beers.

Organic and No Sulfites Added (NSA) Wines

Badger Mountain

Produced in the premiere Columbia Valley AVA, Badger Mountain Wines benefit from an ideal location and climate, deep volcanic soil, and organic production from vine to bottle. Badger Mountain N.S.A. wines (No Sulfites Added) are USDA Organic Certified and are made with certified organically grown grapes. All Badger Mountain Vineyard wines represent our ongoing commitments to environmental sustainability and the creation of high quality wines that reflect the purest expression of exceptional fruit.

Our Daily Red

Organic since 1989! The vision for Our Daily Wines was inspired by the purest of things: children. Our founder, Tony Norskog, had been making wine commercially for a number of years when he decided it was time to make wine in a more environmentally friendly way. For starters, he wanted his children to be able to run through vineyards and not be exposed to any potentially harmful chemicals.

Frey Vineyards

Frey crafts award-winning, minimally processed wines that reflect the pure aromas, flavors, and spirit of where they come from. Frey Vineyards proudly continues the tradition of sustainability as America's first producer of certified organic and biodynamic wines.

Snoqualmie Vineyards

Snoqualmie has been committed to sustainable and organic winemaking practices since 1983. Beginning in the vineyard and carrying through to the winery and our packaging, we believe that investing in these practices is the best way to highlight all the purity of fruit that Mother Nature intended.

Santa Julia

For the Santa Julia Winery, being natural, taking care of the environment, and growing in harmony with the community where we find ourselves, have been our founding pillars since the beginning. Not only do we work at taking care of the land, we also take care of those who work it, and the community that surrounds it. We are convinced that the wine does not come only from the land, the climate, or the variety, rather that it is fundamentally the expression of the sum of people that intervene in the process of creating it.

Cono Sur

Cono Sur Vineyards and Winery was founded in 1993, with the vision of producing premium, expressive and innovative wines that convey the spirit of the New World. Our name refers to the company’s geographic position, representing wines proudly made in South America’s Southern Cone, on whose western edge lies Chile and its gifted wine valleys. Our logo also evokes a freehand drawing of the silhouette of South America.

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