Let's dig in to the fresh offerings of the season!

Spring is Halibut Season

It is not uncommon for this flat fish to reach up to 400lbs, making it a popular game fish. Aside from it’s size; halibut tastes great and is rich in significant amounts of important nutrients including selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium; the B vitamins B12, Niacin, and B6; and beneficial omega-3 essential fatty acids.

How to cook it...

Local Asparagus

In the spring we look forward to getting in some of the first varietites of local produce, like asparagus!

Choosing Asparagus:

Choose asparagus that have firm, crisp stalks with tight, fully closed budding tips. As asparagus ages, the petals on the tip will slowly open up, dry out, or fall off. Asparagus should appear moist, but not wet. Fresh cut and bright, not dry or woody.

Storing Asparagus:

Its best to eat asparagus in the same day of purchase, but if you do plan to store it for a day or two treat it like a bouquet of flowers. Trim the ends slightly and place in a glass of water standing upright. Loosely cover the tips with a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator.

Try these great asparagus side dish recipes...

Local Tulips and Daffodils

Nothing says spring like fresh cut tulips and daffodils! Stop by our floral department to bring some spring home.

Caring for cut tulips and daffodils:

1. For long-lasting tulips, buy ones very “tight” or unopened, with buds still green and just showing some color. Recut the stems when you first get them home. Lay the bouquet on its wrapping paper or newspaper, or over a sink, and cut the stems diagonally using a sharp knife or scissors, removing about one-half inch of stem.

2. Place stems in a clean vase filled with lukewarm water. Trim the stems every few day, tulip stems will continue to grow after being cut. Do not use cut flower food to cut tulips or daffodils. To encourage opening place a penny in the bottom of the vase.

Please note: do not mix cut daffodils and tulips (or any other flower) in the same vase, daffodils exude a sap that clogs the water uptake of other flowers

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