Specialty Catering

Pricing is not available for specialty catering as it is customized to meet your specific needs. Please email us or call our Deli for a free consultation! (206)937-0245


Essential Cheeses

An assortment of cheeses including light chevre, aged Gouda, creamy brie and sharp Stilton paired with an assortment of accompaniments of seasonal fruit and artisan crackers.

Greek Classics

Delicately flaky spanikopita, hearty dolmas, chunky feta cheese and a meaty assortment of olives make up this platter of Greek classics.

The Morning After

A traditional east coast favorite! A platter of smoky lox, assorted cream cheese, and sliced bagels garnished with toppings of tangy capers, crispy red onions, cucumbers, tomato slices and dill.

Zesty Antipasto

A platter to stimulate the senses! A spicy assortment of Italian meats, piquant cheeses with a medley of Mediterranean antipasto.

Prosciutto Wrapper

Tender asparagus alongside fresh prawns and sweet melon each wrapped in authentic prosciutto di parma and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Pita Pairings

An assortment of Mediterranean dips served elegantly inside hollowed bell pepper along side pita triangles and assorted olives.

Essential Northwest

Delights that are quintessentially Pacific Northwest! Smoky cream cheese salmon spread, an assortment of Northwest artisan cheeses, seasonal northwest fruit and crackers.


Creative Crostini

Four types of crostini, a party favorite, ranging from sweet to savory. Work with us to select and create a crostini platter specific to your taste!

Caprese Skewers

A modern take on an Italian classic. Tender cherry tomatoes skewered with luscious, fresh mozzarella balls and aromatic basil drizzled with olive oil and herbs.

Cucumber Salmon Rolls

Light and refreshing palate cleanser. Mesquite, tender lox with a fresh, bright lemon - dill cream cheese served in thinly sliced cucumber rolls.


Baklava Bites

Rich and crunchy pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts are placed in light and air phyllo cup and topped with sweet honey for this take on a Turkish classic.

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