New Items Winter 2020 - It's a SNACK ATTACK!

Boulder Canyon Chips

Inspired by the carved canyons outside our home town, these wavy Canyon Cut chips are cooked in pure avocado oil for a uniquely subtle, buttery flavor. Thickly cut and satisfyingly crunchy, your favorite dip will be asking for more. Made with premium American grown potatoes from and original family recipe, they're kettle cooked in small batches and seasoned to perfection. (Aisle 4)

Chef's Cut Biltong Air Dried Jerky

Simply put, it’s keto jerky. Great for keto and paleo diets, or for anyone looking for a healthy snack — that’s because it’s naturally ZERO sugar and 26g of protein per bag. Made by air-drying thin cuts of beef, biltong is a staple in the South African food culture. Using simple ingredients and premium cuts of beef (and again, zero sugar), our chef has made an authentic version of the South African snack that all jerky fans are sure to love. (Aisle 4)

Dang Sticky Rice Chips

Our Original Sticky-Rice Chips keep it simple with whole rice kernels and sesame. The magic comes from soaking them in watermelon juice, and then crisping them up with a touch of seasoning for that toasty bottom-of-the-pan rice good enough to fight over.(Aisle 4)

Lenny and Larry's Complete Cremes

Introducing The Complete Cremes™ from Lenny & Larry’s. Crunchy cookies with a creamy filling offering a healthier twist on your favorite sandwich creme cookie. Each serving offers 6g plant-based proteins and 1/3 less sugar than the leading brand on equivalent serving*. *Compare 14g sugar per labeled serving of leading brand with 6-7g sugar per labeled serving of Complete Cremes.(Aisle 4)

Dot's Homestyle Pretzels

at Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels, we hold ourselves to the highest of quality standards. We are proud to do so. Each bag of Dot’s Pretzels tastes as if they were made straight from the home kitchen of Dot herself. That said, we're never fully satisfied and always strive to make every customer smile. (Aisle 4)

Good to Go Bars

Easily stick to your goals with our deliciously satisfying soft baked bars! Good to go Bras are vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher.Are made with real, tasty ingredients like coconut and raspberries. (Aisle 4)

Happy Tot Superfood Bars

Organic Happy Tot Superfoods Bars include whole grain oats and blueberries as part of a nutritious breakfast or snack on the go!Our mission has taken us beyond offering nutritious baby food, to providing personal support for all families and impacting change on a global scale. (Aisle 2)

Larry and Lenny's Keto Cookies

Introducing your newest guilt-free addiction… a plant-based Keto Cookie™ with 3g net carbs! If you are living gluten-free, eating keto or just watching your sugar, you will love every bite of this low-carb, vegan treat. Not only do our keto cookies taste great but they're also packed with protein and provide an excellent source of fiber. You'll feel full for longer while satisfying your craving. In addition to our popular chocolate chip keto cookie, we also have other craveable flavors like peanut butter, and coconut. (Aisle 5)

Popcorn Indiana Popcorn

We are Popcorn Indiana. Named after a town embodying timeless American spirit. We champion the American dream: good times earned by passion & hard work - because that's our story. Starting from humble beginnings, we work to make the best tasting popcorn, grown and popped in the USA. (Aisle 4)

Made Good Bars

MadeGood® snacks are baked with good intentions like organic ingredients, whole grains, and veggies. Free from common allergens such as peanuts and dairy, they are packed with nutrition and an awesome taste! 6 hidden veggies in every snack. (Aisle 4)


At Dream Pretzels, the two basic ingredients of a pretzel, flour and wheat, present endless opportunities. Our bakers at Dream Pretzels are constantly dreaming about changing ingredients, recipes, shapes and sizes, with the mission to create the next new innovative, better taste better nutrition pretzel snack. (Aisle 4)

Late July Korean BBQ Chips

Our new Clásico Korean Barbeque chips are made with organic yellow corn, and seasoned with the perfect blend of brown sugar, onion, garlic, ginger, chili pepper, and smoky flavoring for a sweet and spicy kick! (Aisle 4)

Rowdy Bars

Probiotics are naturally found in many foods we already eat like yogurt. But PREbiotics are a little more rare–how often do you eat chicory root? Yeah, we know, NOT OFTEN. But we found a hidden gem…. say hello to Yacon Root (pronounced Yah-Kon). Hailing from the majestic Andes mountains, this secret root famously used by the Incas is a superfood loaded with tons of PREbiotics. It also has a whole other list of other amazing benefits.(Aisle 4)

Tanka Warrior Bar

The Tanka Warrior Bar is the first in a line of meat-and-fruit real food products designed for high-performance athletes. This 2-ounce bar delivers 14 grams of protein and only 140 calories, perfect for triathletes, runners, climbers, and other high-energy and endurance athletes as well as busy health enthusiasts. (Aisle 4)

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