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A Swiss Cheese with a French Name - Raclette

Raclette A swiss cheese with a French Name

Raclette is a firm, pungent cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland. The word Raclette comes from French and translates as “to scrape”, originally shepherds working long days out in the field would take Raclette and heat it on hot stones. Once melted, the cheese was scraped off and served on top of boiled potatoes.

A Raclette party is a tradition during the winter months in northern Europe, and can be a lot of fun! Try something new this holiday season and host one yourself.

You'll Need:

Raclette (1.5 lbs for four)

Cornichons, Boiled Potatoes, Assorted Charcuterie

Raclette Griddle or Cast Iron Skillet

Alcohol.Traditionally, Europeans reccomended to drink only alcohol for a raclette dinner as the acids help break down the richness of the melty cheese in your stomach keeping it from coagulating. Kirsch, White Wines, Sour Ales, Lambics Beers or Saison-Style pair well.


1. If you have a Raclette griddle follow package instructions. If not no worries, a cast iron skillet works just as well.

Cast Iron Instructions:

1. On the stove over medium heat warm raclette in a well seasoned cast iron pan until slightly gooey. 1/4 inch thick slabs work well.

2. Once gooey, about 4-5 minutes or a little less, scrape cheese directly onto your guests accompaniments or into individual ramekins.

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