La Tur

The milk used to make La Tur is pasteurized at the lowest temperature allowed by Italian law. This ensures survival of enzymes naturally present in the milk which contribute to the cheeses final flavor profile. La Tur is a dense and creamy soft ripened cheese. Pale straw yellow in color with a soft and edible wrinkled rind. Robust earthy flavors of grass and mushrooms mixed with sweet creamy butter notes.


A favorite of the cheese platter, La Tur is excellent paired with honey, sliced pears or quince jam. The gooey texture lends itself well to crusty breads or 34° Crackers (located in our Deli). Match with a lively Spumante or an un-oaked red. The quality of this cheese is best enjoyed from a platter, it is not reccomended for cooking with.

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