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Thick rich gravy can make a meal, but many of us are scared of it. No fear – it’s easy and totally doable. Follow these easy steps for silky gravy perfection....

1) Remember 1:1:1. In other words, 1 Tb. fat, 1 Tb. flour and 1 C. liquid all whisked together = gravy.

2) Stir flour into the fat (drippings, butter, etc.) remembering your equal proportions and using a good whisk. A whisk helps prevent those scary lumps.

3) Whisking the flour and fat together (this is called a roux) cook and whisk constantly over medium heat till the flour loses some of the raw color – at least 2 minutes and on up to 1⁄2 hour for a more Southern style roux.

4) When the flour/fat mixture is as brown as you like, slowly whisk in your liquid of choice; stock, water, wine, milk, etc.

5) Finish your gravy with some fresh herbs and salt and pepper to taste, and make sure you make enough – it’s gonna be good!

- Mary White

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