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Painted Hills USDA Choice Natural Beef

The Painted Hills Beef Company is located in Wheeler Country, Oregon. Wheeler County is a close-knit community of Ranchers who began Painted Hills Inc. to gain control over the quality and production of their cattle, which before were becoming lost in the mix of livestock of lower quality from all over the United States.

Painted Hills has high quality standards like we do and offer us an outstanding local product. The group raises cattle with the same care their predecessors have done for generations - humanely and with respect to the animal and the land. Ranchers live where they raise their cows and each of their cattle are born, raised and processed in the Pacific Northwest.

No added hormones or antibiotics are used and if antibiotics are needed, the animal is treated and then sold on the general market. In addition, no animal by-products are used in cattle feed - they are "grain-finished" with a 100% vegetarian diet consisting mainly of barley, corn and alfalfa hay.

Painted Hills Natural Beef
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